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RAINLINE™ is a lightweight, easy-clean, full rubber wellington boot made from high quality rubber in a classic style. A SUPERDRI™ lining and NITROCELL™ footbed mades the RAINLINE™ comfortable and stylish.


TRAX™ (DURAPRENE™rubber) outsole, which give superior grip on a variety of surfaces, the tread is designed to work with the action of the foot


STRETCH PANEL IN SHAFT - Made from Neoprene, which gives great calf fit and is 100% waterproof


HEXZORB ™ - The Hexzorb technology incorporates a shock-absorbing component in the heel.
Hexzorb reduces shock to the knee and lower back 


COMFORT RATING -10ºc to +20ºc.

RAINLINE™ - Heather

Colour: Heather



    (mm on leg)


    (circumference in mm)

    UK4 365mm


    UK5 370mm 400mm
    UK6 375mm


    UK7 380mm


    UK8 385mm



    Please note that our Wellington Boots have a 15mm allowance for wool blend/combination socks.


    With this in mind, we would recommend purchasing the same size you are in your everyday comfortable footwear.


    For half-sizing due to the allowance we would recommend sizing down.

  • BRUSH ME, WASH ME: Hosing down your wellies after each use and once a month wash off excess dirt with just water, for a deep clean use water with a mild soap. Gently scrub with a soft bristle brush until your boots are clean, then leave the boots to air dry naturally (not on a direct heat source).

    OIL ME: Once dry, apply a rubber conditioner or natural oil to replace the lost plasticising agents in the rubber areas of the boot (especially flex points toe and ankle). We recommend customers to buy the Revivex rubber care spray which can be found on

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