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We advise the brush me, was me, oil me advice on the swing tag. Our boots and the rubber we use is very durable, but it is essential to maintain them as rubber is a natural material. Acidic or alkali soils, animal waste and chemicals all leach the plasticisers from the rubber upper and soles. If they are not cleaned it will dry out and this can result in cracking. This is more likely after excessive wear, storing then in warm conditions (next to a radiator), using strong detergents, and not oiling the boots.


We would recommend storing the boots in a cool place (not near a direct heat source) and to see the boots have been conditioned before they are stored away for a long period of time such as through summer.


The best way to care for them is below:


BRUSH ME, WASH ME: Hosing down your wellies after each use and once a month wash off excess dirt with just water and for a deep clean use water with a mild soap. Gently scrub with a soft bristle brush until your boot is clean, then leave the boots to dry naturally (not on a direct heat source).


OIL ME: Once dry, apply a rubber conditioner or natural oil to replace the lost plasticising agents in the rubber areas of the boot (especially flex points toe and ankle). We recommend customers to buy the Revivex rubber care spray.


If you do care for the rubber and protect them from drying out, they will last longer.

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