The Nora Anton knee length Wellington boots are great as work boots, easy to clean and maintain, comfortable and with slip resistant soles.

Conforms to CE 347 Standard.
Resistant to acids, manure, fertilisers, sprays, animal fats, grease, oils and benzine etc.
Slip resistant soles.
Knee length.
Unlined for easy washing and drying.
Olive Green.


Made of "PPLUS", a special patented compound consisting of polyvinil chloride (PVC) and chemical melt blended by extrusion and injection. Very good resistance to animal fats, vegetable oils, hydrocarbons and chemical substances. Extremely soft and flexible even at low temperatures. Anatomic design for higher leg and foot comfort. Reinforced heel and cap protection for higher protection. Smooth frontal profile to reduce the dirt settling and allow its easier removal.